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Best friends who travel the world(sometimes together), seeking to find the meaning of life through the various cultures they immerse themselves into. We should have started this a long time ago but better late than never right? P.S. All the pictures on this blog were taken by either Sid or myself, except for the few reblogs we post. If you decide to reblog our work, please properly cite its origin.

Definition of Mamihlapinatapai: "a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves."

Sid & Iggy x


So I’m back in Steel Town but just for a day - thankfully! Quebec City was incredible, I can’t believe I had never been there. We stayed the night and caught up with friends front he restaurant, I swear it was like Whistler all over again but more french.

The next day I drove to Montreal. Hung out with some friends and then decided to drive at 4am to Toronto. I had to stop and take a nap in the parking lot of a Provigo because I started seeing weird shit on the highway lol.

Did I tell you about what happened in Fredericton? Shit, I don’t think I did. Well basically my expensive digital camera that I contemplated on buying a couple years ago because at the time I was against digital is broken. A fucking dog got into the camera bag and mangled it and now it doesn’t even turn on. I found out when we left the persons place - I think they knew and then shoved it back in the bag so it wouldn’t be awkward - obviously for them. I dropped if off at the Canon repair place but it takes about three weeks to get an answer so I won’t even be here. It’s also a $170 flat rate plus the cost of repairs which is setting me back quite a bit.

I haven’t said anything yet - It was an old friend of Only’s, girlfriends roommates dog who wasn’t even home when it happened. I thought about this a lot and am considering writing an email to the roommate. What would you do? I know it was an accident but I think I would want to know if my dog did something like that. I think I’m just going to simply write what happened and leave it open for them.

On top of that I still can’t figure out why I can’t post photo’s on tumblr. I’ve bee trying to update now for over a week with no luck. I have so many new updates to share with you and our followers. I wrote an email to tumblr so hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon and get it sorted out.

Love you


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